Knight Token (KNGT)

KNGT is a utility token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain network based on the BEP-20 protocol. It is a repository of value for assets, objects, characters, etc. on the gaming platform.

The Last Knights of Cryptopia token or ($KNGT) is a governance and utility token with a great deal of utility in the game. This is a deflationary currency, that gets burned in several systems. Here are the token details:

Token Name: Knight

Ticker-symbol: KNGT

Total Supply: 500 million

Decimals: 9

Networks: BSC Binance Smart Chain BEP20

$KNGT is the native BEP20 token of the Last Knights of Cryptopia Universe.

Players can use KNGT to craft NFTs, purchase Character enhancements from the LKOC marketplace and earn even more rewards by holding the tokens in Staking Chests.

$KNGT is a token built into the core game system, becoming an integral part of Last Knights of Cryptopia’s P2E foundations. As a $KNGT owner, you can earn rewards through in-game or external avenues – it's up to you.

Token holders who participate in governance initiatives while actively staking can earn rewards in $KNGT tokens, which will be distributed from the rewards pool.

The token also works to expand the Last Knights of Cryptopia Economy through gameplay, as staking rewards can be earned by players who complete in-game quests.

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