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Character Mating & Breeding

Players can spend $KNGT tokens to merge in-game characters and create rare NFTs minted directly onto open-sea
Mating and evolving powerful creatures is a key feature of enhanced in-game experience that is used in combat alongside weapons and magic. Each creature can be pulled out of the game and represented as an NFT.
By spending $KNGT, players can mate mystical creatures such as dire Wolves, Bears, Horses, Dragons, Knights, Warriors, Fairies, Elves, Lords, Maidens, Magicians, Mages, and Demi-Gods, powering up their character to use in combat and battle against other players and creatures in the arena.
NFT characters can be bred with one another to create a third evolved species with potentially higher skills and better abilities. Everybody needs a stout companion to traverse the metaverse. You will be able to breed your beloved pets to boost their powers, as well as trade them to others.
Two powerful characters make for legendary offspring. Grab a fertility potion and mate your heroes to craft the ultimate lineage. This process will require two Fertility Potions, which can be purchased in the in-game store.
This mating process will require you to spend $KNGT tokens, burning the $KNGT upon mating and taking them out of circulation. A hybrid species can also be bred only up to five times, and the amount of $KNGT required to mate each time will increase.
These Character NFTs can then be rented/leased to other players.
The Mating process will be conducted on the NFT Marketplace, requiring both a female and male member of that species. From start to finish, this process will take a total of 3 days to complete.
Here are the estimated species mating costs for each level: