Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey & embrace the darkness for a majestic story of heroism.

Last Knights of Cryptopia

Arkadius attempts to lure one of its flesh-eating creatures with a candle into the night and experiences many hallucinations upon its attack. Weak from days without food and water, he fumbles to regain consciousness.
However, the monster revealed the Talisman sword Arkadius carries contains the dormant universal energies of the element fire, capable of fighting evil creatures.
Mintaka arrives from a nearby star, a planet named Ceres inhabited by Demigods, half human half Gods who descended upon planet earth in sworn allegiance with the Federation 12 to end the war against humanity from the alliance of dark forces between the Angkorians and Ciakars.
The Ciakars were approached by the Angkorians because of their aggressive and renowned aptitudes for combat and feared for their warrior fighting skills.
The Federation 12 are a group of special elite forces, members of the high council from the 12 Kingdoms. Known as the Federation 12, this secret sect heard the call for help by human delegates and immediately sent envoys to help in the quest to save planet earth and stop Angkor and his evil empire from securing the continent Cryptopia.
Cryptopia is a small continent of sacred land, mostly untouched pristine beauty full of lush plants, food, lakes, and rivers. Its unique geographical location is a portal for quantum energy that could be utilised to yield massive advancements in technology and supernatural mind power.
The development of advanced genetic experiments on humanity by different species of violent and predatory nature was the reason earth became an epicentre of temporal war involving galactic tyranny, whose origins lay within a secret treaty called the Zgyeti Project.
The agreement resulted in establishing a breakaway colony of hybrid demon beasts resembling reptiles and fire-breathing dragons who soon gave birth to the nefarious dark forces that posed an imminent threat to human existence. Terror, greed, corruption, and rampage murders were carried out all over the earth. Darkness and desolation reigned on earth for hundreds of years under the evil Ruler Angkor’s malevolent obsession to obtain weapons and conquer planet earth to grant him supreme power.
These hybrid creatures influenced by greed, and power continued spreading themselves on earth creating upheaval throughout the land of Ontares and other continents on earth. There was great conflict, fear, starvation and despair in the lands, Arkadius's mission was to find and unite the Knights of Cryptopia for their Last Crusade in a race to stop the destruction of Angkor and his demon hybrid beasts.
Due to the significant infiltrations and corruption agents of the Angkorian empire, many humans found themselves engaged in violent conflict over the ownership of 12 Kingdoms on earth. Each empire from the 12 Kingdoms had appointed a secret army, a Warrior Race called the Knights of Cryptopia who were all marked with symbols on their bodies spiritually anointed beings with the power from one of the four elements; Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind granting each Knight supernatural gifts.
Whoever was born with these unique markings was a destined offspring divinely chosen to become the salvation of earth from menacing evil forces.
Arkadius journeyed on the last crusade to find other anointed Knights and Warriors from the 12 Kingdoms to save Cryptopia from the invasion of the Dark Lord Angkor and his agenda called the Zygeti Project.
A Sworn Brotherhood from the ancient ancestors of the Federation 12, is Cryptopia’s last hope to establish the last earth colony and eradicate all those under the treaty with the Zygeti Project.
Angkor the Grandmaster of the Zygeti Project had discovered earth as an abundant place to migrate and establish his colony of slaves as his planet Zygon was a barren place lacking in resources to develop and evolve. During the wars the Angkorians had their first taste of human flesh and blood and liked it, they took humans as slaves for breeding purposes and as a food source.
The struggle between the human race and the other-worldly monsters was the biggest catastrophic event ever occurring in this galaxy and possibly could annihilate all of humanity forever.
Humanity’s last hope and salvation rested on a young Warrior named Arkadius to find and gather the lost Knights from those 12 Kingdoms to form a supernatural army to fight the dark Lord Angkor against the invasion of Cryptopia and thus save planet earth.
The Knights of the Federation 12 will soon unite, called upon to defend their ancestral home earth.
Despite the mysterious drought that plagues their realm, Arkadius has taken steps to ensure that they will prosper, so long as his faith remains absolute.
In the fires of battle that forge the armies of the Angkorian and Ciarkars, Arkadius must learn that nothing and no one is what they seem.
He witnessed the slaughter of his people in Ontares, it was Arkadius darkest day and greatest test, the memory of his ancestors’ deaths haunting him ever since.
Last Knights of Cryptopia

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