The Game

As you explore the excitement of discovering the unknown, overwhelming threats awaits you, the tension and fear leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
The Last Knights of Cryptopia (LKOC) stands alone in building a return to the founding MMORPG genre of a true virtual world defined by risk-vs-reward in all aspects. It is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Set in the mythical universe, it is known for its extensive player-versus-player combat system.
LKOC fantasy game allows several thousand people who can all play in a shared fantasy world, with a theme, a story, united quests, supporting larger, grander activity. The goal is to offer players, a common purpose, a united cause to protect the weak, bring justice to the unjust and vanquish evil from the darkest corners of the world.
You will have the ability to customize a character, to allow gamers to more deeply inhabit the type of character they want to be in the fantasy world, such as a Warrior, a Knight, A Lady Knight, A Lord, A Maiden, a Viking, an Elf, A Mystical Fairy, a Hybrid Species, a Demi-God, a Mage, a Magician or other Mythical Creature.
LKOC places players in a true fantasy virtual reality (role-playing game) as opposed to characters planted into a predefined adventure. LKOC is fueled by the players in all respects, from the vast range of mythical characters, creatures, monsters, dungeons, terrifying terrain, tombstones, weaponry & armour - all items that form our fully resource-based economy to the epic battles where fortunes are made and lost.
Players can earn KNGT* Tokens by discovering Lost Lands, new creatures, and establishing new Kingdoms with an in-game chat system.
Adopting a play-and-earn model, on the Metaverse - Last Knights of Cryptopia stands to be the first fully-fledged 3D Virtual reality game on the blockchain, where the real value is earned and lost in real-time through immersive online gameplay.
Last Knights of Cryptopia offers unique social and role-playing elements, specifically character creation and player progression including real-time battle strategy. For players to advance in the game, it requires them to team up with others to complete quests or take down opponents. A player may purchase character upgrades, or cosmetic enhancements, with unique avatar skins, facial features, customizable housebuilding, proximity voice chat, new weapons & armour, etc.), as well as a new world map and many blockchain-powered mechanics.
The gameplay will involve some form of advancing or evolving your character’s level of strength, skills and attributes. This may be done by completing quests or killing creatures to gain game tokens and level up.
LKOC players can explore a unique sandbox-style game world to find items, meet other characters, mate with them if they choose, and complete perilous quests. New players will enter the game into the same fantasy world where others are playing engaging in challenging quests, exploration, crusades and random encounters
This upcoming launch for LKOC will include over 2 years of development on an innovative game engine integrating all aspects of gameplay already included in the current iteration of the game, which will be branded as Last Knights of Cryptopia after the launch.
Become the hero you were made to be
Defeat nefarious creatures and villains. The further you progress, the greater your likelihood of retrieving legendary weapons that will help you restore peace and balance to Cryptopia. Accept unique quests, undertake perilous battles and rescue tortured prisoners for rewards.
You'll also earn unique abilities on your Clan lineage and class to acquire a unique visual appearance, and forge bonds with powerful warriors, combining ancestral essence to further customize your skills.
Those who have lived a life of service are drawn to the Last Knights of Cryptopia Crusade; to assume the highest duty of all. To save Cryptopia from the staunch Angkorians consuming darkness. Journey through mythical lands of torment and death for rebirth and eternal peace on earth. Hidden realms of magic and wonder await any who would assume their duty in saving Cryptopia.
The Last Knights of Cryptopia